IMA White Paper

IMA Events In Last Six Months

IMA Events In Last Six Months

1 IMA Solidarity Day
2. IMA Satyagraha
3.  National Black Day
4.  Mahrashtra Strike: High Court Judgment was in our favour
5.  Dilli Chalo: 6th June, 2017

  •    Total views in IMA Website Dilli Chalo - 34,767
  •    Today Total Webcast views in Facebook – 9000
  •    Physical attendance > 10,000
  •    Petition Signed in IMA Website – 65277
  •    Over a lac got connected to the movement.

Over 400 press clippings

Dili Chalo Success Stories So Far

  1. On 6th June Action committee had meeting with health secretary, DG and health minister
  2. Subsequent Action committee met with Dr Jitendra Singh, Dr Mahesh Sharma, and other MP doctors
  3. MOH has formed an action group between IMA and MOH to meet monthly
  4. MOH released advertisements in all Major dailies regarding violence act
  5. MOH wrote to all state chief secretaries regarding violence act
  6. MOH wrote to Law ministry for initiation of an enactment of central law against violence
  7. MOH has agreed to change rules in CEA and PNDT act
  8. MOH wrote to consumer Ministry regarding change in compensation clause
  9. MCI has formed a committee to make a white paper on IMS with IMA as a member
  10. MOH has written to MCI to make a task force to make recommendations based on Jacob Mathew Case regarding criminal prosecutions of medical doctors with IMA as a party.
  11. Proposed NMC will have a democratic structure maintaining the same ratio as present IMC act (60:40 ratio of nominated vs elected body). Out of 29 members nine will be elected doctors, 5 will be selected doctors and 15 (10 doctors) will be nominated.
  12. IMA Action Committee is co-challenging the very existence of WB CEA in the supreme court. The same will have repercussions on Karnataka Act also.
  13. In the mean-time IMA met Governor of West Bengal and Ms. Mamata Banerjee, Hon’ble Chief Minister of WB.  WB CM agreed for changing some rules suggested by IMA
  14. CEA – Karnataka has been referred to Joint Action Committee. Large gathering ( mini Dilli Chalo) movement organised by Karnataka IMA.
  15. 7th pay commission anomalies is on the priority list of IMA and IMA has taken up the issue with the government.

Post Dilli Chalo Scenario:

  1. Continuous 15 advertisements in Indian Express during parliament session
  2. Dawn to dusk fast on 2nd October by all IMA members
  3. Social Image of IMA: In FSC Meeting held on 5.6.2017 it was decided that IMA will release series of advertisements in Indian Express to continue its fight on atrocities faced by the medical profession during the parliament sessions; that IMA could take the help of other associations or establishment to release social advertisements on public health; that IMA can take the help of heart care foundation of India, a not for profit organisation, for raising sponsors for the social advertisements. IMA currently is releasing public advertisements in Hindustan Times with OMRON and had released advertisement on doctor’s day with Medenta etc.   All the transactions to Newspapers are being done via IMA.
  4. In 2014-15 similar advertisements were released on Doctors Day and Govt. of India also released an advertisement with to promote tax paying in time.
  5. As per IMA policy IMA NP & HSG and any other assigned official spokesperson from IMA or nominee from other National or International organisations are the faces of advertisements.
  6. Conduction of IMA Blood Donation Camps all over the country on 1st July 2017 (Collected over 10,000 blood components)
  7. Declaration of Doctor’s Day Award for the following categories: Women Empowerment Award, Doctor of the Decade Award, Life Time Achievement Award, Doctor of the Year Award, Medical Eminent Teacher Award, Award for Nurses

Meetings with government officials

  • Inter-Ministerial Meetings
  • Monthly Meeting of IMA with MoH
  • Sh JP Nadda on 20th January 2017
  • Shri C K Mishra on 3rd March 2017
  • Member of Parliament Doctors on 17th May 2017
  • Addl. Secretary (Health) Shri Sanjeeva Kumar with IMA 19th May 2017
  • Shri Satyender Jain, Health Minster, Delhi Govt.
  • Sh JP Nadda on 6th June 2017
  • Dr Jagdish Prasad on 6th June 2017
  • Shri C. K. Mishra on 6th June 2017
  • Shri Jitendra Singh on 6th June 2017
  • Shri JP Nadda Ji on 23rd June 2017
  • Dr C P Thakur, Dr Mahesh Sharma, Dr Sanjay Jaiswal and Dr Vikas Mahatme on 24th May 2017
  • FOMA meeting on 6th April 2017 at Hotel Lalit
  • 23rd May meeting with FOMA stakeholders regarding plan organization of Dilli Chalo Movement on 6th June 2017
  • IMA Meeting with WHO Officials on 17th June 2017
  • Meeting with President Elect Government of India on 21st July

Keep the communication on with the members

As per the decision of Last CWC and CC Heart Care Foundation of India a Not for Profit organisation and IJCP group are providing IMA with all communication services at no cost to IMA. The services include weekly and now biweekly webcasts on every Thursday and Fridays; live webcasts of all IMA meetings (central council, CWC, leadership meets, all events including Dilli Chalo: all webcasts available at IMA as well as IJCP group Website); Go to meeting platform for video connect with National and International Leaders.

Viewers Per Webcast: 1700 Views. All IMA Website visitors so far 449,162.   IMA-You Tube Channel: Visitors so far 28413.  IMA Facebook visitors 33100. All IMA Petitions are done using the IMA website and IMA Platform.

IMA Audio-platform to connect with leaders

IMA publications: IMA at headquarters publishes IMA news monthly and all agenda papers and reports. IMA also designs advertisements and health education material on periodic basis. IJCP group and HCFI provide free graphics, page playouts, cartoonist, video editor or cameraman facilities.

JIMA during last year was given back to the JIMA committee by the then National President. The same was passed by the Central council. JIMA committee is required to print 1.5 lac copies per month. JIMA committee needs to meet to solve the concerned issues.

IMA PR and Publicity: Talking Point Communications provides free services to IMA. Press Coverage so far to IMA has been 1220 (Print & Online) with an adv value of Rs 74,57,6,659 (all 75 lacs) and PR value of Rs 2,23,72,9,977 (2.2 crores)

Bills drafted: Assault & violence on medical personnel and their establishments; anti-quackery bill; fformation of Accreditation & Academic Cell; on IMA’s intervention, 304-B was converted into 304-A in Pune Case; on IMA’s intervention, the three attempts for UG MBBS admission were shifted from retrospective to prospective.

International Visits & Activities

  • Annual Scientific Meeting of Chinese Medical Association held on 14-15 January, 2016 at Nanjing (China)
  •  International Summit on Air Pollution - Health Advisories held at New Delhi on 
    March 10, 2017.
  •  Cyprus to attend and participate in the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics – 12th World Conference on Bioethics, Medical Ethics & Health Law to be held from March 19-24, 2017 at St. Raphael Hotel Resort & Congress Center, Limassoi, Cyprus.
  •  206th World Medical Association (WMA) Council Meeting to be held from April 15th to 22nd April, 2017 at the Avani Victoria Falls Resort in Livingstone, Zambia
  •  Annual Meeting of Swedish Medical Association in Stockholm from 29th May to 31st May 2017 at Hotel Scandic Continental Vasagatan 22, Stockholm, Sweden.
  •  The Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association on June 10-14, 2017 at Hyatt Regency Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
  • BMA Annual Representative Meeting on Sunday 25 June – Thursday 29 June 2017 at the Bournemouth International Centre, Exeter Road, Bournemouth BH2 5BH,
  • No regular unbudgeted fund is used for International activities.


  1. The first-floor meeting main hall has been totally renovated
  2. Bathrooms of the building has also been renovated
  3. President’s office cum suite is totally renovated now for use by the National President and the advisory council he heads. Every year the National President appoints his council of advisors for the year.
  4. IMA Sewage system being overhauled
  5. Renovation of IMA Kitchen, Cafeteria and Committee Room in pipeline
  6. IGL PN Gas Connection already applied

IMA Associations with other Groups

  • AHPI and CAHO are stake holders helping IMA on time to time basis.
  • Medanta, Ganga Ram Hospital, Max Hospital and Centre for Sight are IMA friendly establishments for organising joint activities.
  • IJCP Group (IJCP Publications, eMedinews, eMedinexus and Talking points Communications) jointly manage all the digital and PR IMA activities at no cost to IMA since 2014. The group provides its existing data to IMA for all e-communications. E-Medinews has been running an online newspaper for the last ten years and is now providing free incorporation of daily e-IMA news to IMA members since 2014.
  • Heart Care Foundation of India is a not for profit organisation providing free heart surgeries to all children with heart disease referred by IMA and its branches under the IMA project (jiska koi nahi uska IMA). Over 100 children have been operated at Medanta so far.
  • All associations have disclosed that there is no conflict of interest and all their activities are complimentary to IMA.

IMA Sponsors

  • IMA has an agreement with Ms Reckitt Benckiser in which IMA creates awareness about sanitation and safe water. The agreement is under renewal.
  • Johnsons and Johnsons is regularly sponsoring various IMA CME, NATCON, JIMA, IMA Projects, IMA Webcasts and community activities and regularly advertising in IMA News.
  • Agreement with developer Anthriksh is under re-consideration.
  • Agreement with Hygia is under renewal.
  • Agreement with Lybrate: Lybrate paid one crore donation to IMA to become a Digital Partner of IMA. The agreement was over on 31st December last year. It has CWC and CC clearance.
  • No office bearer or any relations has any share-holding in Lybrate, Johnsosn and Johnsons, Reckitt Benckiser, Hygia or anthrix.

IMA Building Income

  • Earlier IMA House was outsourced to M/s. C K Associates.
  • It was given to M/s. ARTH on 1st October 2015 @ Rs.8 lacs per month as its rent. The contract is under court case.
  • A part of IMA premises is given to M/s. AHPI from May 2015 for Rs.1,50,000/- per month
  • The 3rd floor of IMA building is rented out to QCI from August 2016 for Rs. 4 Lacs per month.
  • The roof of IMA is given on rent to M/s. Synergy from Feb. 2016 for rent of Rs. 3 lacs per month.

MA – PvPI – Mobile No. 9717776514: Under the IMA-PvPI initiative, IMA has become a nodal centre for reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) under the Pharmaco- Vigilance Programme of India (PvPI).

IMA Travel Policy: IMA does all its ticketing with empanelled travel agents.  Currently, there are 2 travel agents on IMA panel.  A quotation is taken for every flight from these two travel agents and one of them is chosen by the HSG Secretariat. IMA reimburses to leaders as per IMA financial guide book. IMA is planning for a National IMA Central Travel Agency. There is no link between any office bearer and any travel company.

IMA Data: IMA has around 60000 emails and 2.75 lac postal addresses. The data is managed by HSG secretariat.

IMA SMS: IMA SMS is non-sponsored activity of IMA and managed by HSG secretariat.

IMA Conflict of interest policy: Any office nearer if having any conflict of interest needs to be disclosed. In absence of COI or for providing free services IMA can use the infrastructure facilities of any of the office bearer.

IMA Protests so far and Action Taken Report


STOP NMC Satyagraha


IMA National Solidarity Day (for violence in SIRSI, PUNE, ALLAHABAD and BIWANI)


NO TO NEXT National Medicos strike


IMA National Solidarity Day (for violence in Maharashtra)


National Black Day against WB CEA


Dilli Chalo

Parleys with the Government:-

  1. Separate meetings with the Health Minister, Health Secretary and DGHS on 06.06.2017.
  2. Meeting with Dr Jitendra Singh MoS, PMO on 06.06.2017.
  3. Meeting with the Health Minister on 23.06.2017.
  4. Meeting with Asst Secretary MOH on 13.07.2017.

What the Government says:-

  1. MOH has agreed to change rules in CEA and PNDT Act.
  2. MOH says it faces resistance from consumer affairs Ministry in capping of compensation and the activists in PNDT Supervisory committee for graded punishments.
  3. MOH says that it would be difficult to bring in an act or for that matter amend any act. MOH is ready to amend any rule or regulation.
  4. MOH is resistant on demands to stop NMC. MOH is ambivalent on NEXT.

What the Government has done:-

  1. MOH has released advertisements in all Major dailies regarding violence against doctors
  2. MOH has written to all chief secretaries of states regarding violence against doctors.
  3. MOH has written to Law ministry for initiation of an enactment of central law against violence.
  4. MOH has written to consumer Ministry regarding change in compensation clause.
  5. MOH has written to MCI to make a task force to make recommendations based on Jacob Mathew Case regarding criminal prosecution of medical doctors.

Our achievements so far:

  1. Proposed NMC will have a democratic structure maintaining the same ratio as present IMC Act (60:40 ratio of nominated vs elected body). Out of 29 members nine will be elected doctors, 5 will be selected doctors and 15 (10 doctors) will be nominated.
  2. Both the Government and the agency have climbed down on the generic drugs issue and the status quo  ante has been restored.

Our assessment

  1. MOH is sympathetic to our demands but has limitations.
  2. Inter-ministerial committee decisions may need higher political intervention.
  3. Sustained pressure on the demands of the profession is required.
  4. Prioritisation among the demands is required.
  5. Medical students are our asset.  Strengthening the students’ movement will strengthen IMA.

Prioritisation in demands:

  1. Violence against doctors, staff and hospital is our prime concern. To stop criminal prosecution of doctors is subsidiary of this demand as well.
  2. Central Hospital Protection Act with stream line provision is our first priority.
  3. Implementation of Inter-ministerial recommendations is great concern.
  4. Stopping or modifying NMC and stopping NEXT are our important concern.

Plan of Action:

  1. IMA’s strength is horizontal spread across the country.
  2. IMA is one of the few organisations which can organise protest in all the districts of the country.
  3. It is also assessed that our demands have not sufficiently reached to all our members. Hence activity towards this end is important.
  4. It is proposed that all the modern medicine doctors in the country will undertake Dawn to Dusk fasting on 02.10.2017, Gandhi Jayanthi Day.
  5. National President, HSG and National Office bearers shall fast in Rajghat, Delhi.
  6. State President, State Secretary and State office bearers will lead the fast in state capitals.
  7. Pandals will be organise near the district collectorate in all the districts and prominent leaders of the district will take part in the fast.
  8. All the medical students of country will go on fasting in their respective medical colleges in a specially arranged dedicated pandals.
  9. All other doctors while continuing to work in their respective institutions shall observe fast from 6 am to 6 pm.

Objectives of the dawn to Dusk Fasting on 2.10.2017:

  1. To Unite the medical fraternity for a larger action.
  2. To exert legitimate pressure on Government of India to act on our demands.
  3. To sensitise the media and the people and to draw their attention to our problems.

Other decisions

  1. To hold an extended action committee meeting with special invitees from all states with in few weeks.
  2. A dedicated IMA newsletter for the demands and action to reach all state and local branches.
  3. To collect money for the action fund.